Do you work hard to install or specify high quality roofing projects? Do you want everyone to see your hard work?

'Put your work on the map' literately.

Whether it be flat, sloped or pitched, the roof is an important element of any building. An element many people don’t see or appreciate.

Roofmapping is an online service where you can record your roofing projects on an interactive map so everyone can see it. You can record your company details, roof construction, U values, waterproofing, tiles, rooflights, insulation or rain water products. Anything to do with your roofing project can be stored to the map.

Unlike social media posts, the photos and details added on the website will stay permanently, so they can easily be seen again. is aiming to collect data not recorded and stored about roofing projects happening all over the world. How many m2 of roofing is done in a single year? How much is pitched roof? How much is flat roof? How much is warm roof? How much is cold roof? What is the most installed roofing construction? The questions and answers, are endless.

With your help we can record this information and display it on the interactive map.

Let's 'Explore the world above us'